Backblaze releases raw data behind HDD reliability reports

For more than a year, online backup provider Backblaze has been releasing reliability stats on the tens of thousands of mechanical hard drives in its storage clusters. Although that environment isn't entirely representative of what drives will encounter inside a typical PC, the reports have been enlightening—and the results seem to track with a lot of folks' experiences. Now, Backblaze is making the raw data available for anyone who wants to analyze it themselves.

Details on the release are available in this blog post. Backblaze says there are over 500 million data points taken from daily SMART snapshots. Everything is organized into two CSV files, one for each of the past two years, and the company pledges to provide similar data for this year and beyond. The only catch is that anyone who unearths "hidden treasures of insight" is asked to share their findings with the public.

If poring over a mountain of SMART attributes sounds like fun, the files, some sample SQL queries, and associated instructions can be found on this page. Props to Backblaze for sharing this massive data set with the community.

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