Friday Night Topic: Condit-Chandra coverage

Ryu contributes this evening's "off" topic, with a beef about the press coverage of Chandra Levy's disappearance and the resulting media circus around U.S. congressman Gary Condit. Ryu writes:
The amount of air time the disappearance of Chandra Levy got kind of irked me. There are a lot of parents out there with missing daughters who'll never get that kind of press coverage.
..which is all true; other women who have disppeared haven't gotten nearly the media attention as has Miss Levy's case. But you know why that is as well as I do: Levy was sleeping with a U.S. congressman who lied to the cops about his relationship with her and probably had something to do with her disappearance. I'm all for fairness in media coverage, but come on.

Not that Ryu sees it my way.

Now comes the impact of Condit's TV interview last night, including a surprising (or at least wildly belated) condemnation of Condit from the eyebrow-less wonder. It looked for a while as if Condit might actually get away with it and keep his House seat. Now it all may be slowly crumbling. Even so, it was one heckuva murder/cover-up. Or is the guy innocent?

And whatever the case, has the media coverage been fair?

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