Report: Tegra X1-powered Shield tablet on the way

When it announced the Tegra X1 last month, Nvidia emphasized automotive applications for the new system-on-a-chip. But according to Fudzilla, the company also has a Tegra X1-powered tablet in the pipeline.

The device, which is expected to succeed the current Shield Tablet, will reportedly launch "within a couple of months." Fudzilla believes we'll see an official announcement at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference in mid-March "at the latest."

Word comes from a source whom Fudzilla says correctly predicted the arrival of the first Shield Tablet last year, "months" before its debut. That gives this rumor a fair bit of weight.

Sadly, there's no info yet on specs. A Tegra X1-powered Shield Tablet could retain the current offering's 8" screen size, although it may need design changes to accommodate the new chip's hefty 10W TDP.

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