Mini mechanical keyboard splits down the middle

Craving a mechanical keyboard with a split layout? The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard might be just the thing.

Source: Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

This mini mechanical offering arranges Cherry MX switches on two halves of a steel endoskeleton. Metal guides and neodymium magnets hold the two pieces together when the keyboard is joined, while a cable completes the connection in split mode. Another cable connects the keyboard to the host system.

Although the compact layout lacks a numpad, paging block, and other important keys, additional functions can be accessed via a layering system that changes the keyboard mapping. Pre-baked layers are loaded with common functions, media shortcuts, and even mouse commands. Users can also define their own mapping preferences and custom macros. As an added bonus, the Agent software used to program the keyboard runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard isn't available yet, but it should pop up on Kickstarter soon. If the funding drive is successful, the folks behind it promise to release the firmware, software, and electronics design source code under an open-source license. The bootloader is apparently public already, but the company is giving itself five years to open up the CAD files for the physical design.

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