Nvidia rakes in record quarterly, yearly revenue

Nvidia's latest financial results are in, and they're full of good news. The company set revenue records for not only the three months ending January 25, but also the past year as a whole.

Time for some tables! Let's start with the quarterly numbers.

  Q4'15 Q4'14 Change
Revenue $1.25 billion $1.14 billion up 9%
Gross margin 55.9% 54.1% up 1.8 pts
Net income $193 million $147 million up 31%

Fourth-quarter revenue hit $1.25 billion, up 9% from the same period last year. Net income rose an even more impressive 31%, while gross margin was up slightly. And the full-year figures are even brighter:

  FY'15 FY'14 Change
Revenue $4.68 billion $4.13 billion up 13%
Gross margin 55.5% 54.9% up 0.6 pts
Net income $631 million $440 million up 43%

Nvidia raked in $4.68 billion over the past 12 months, a 13% increase over the previous year. Gross margin went up by less than a point, but profits surged 43% to $631 million. The green team is certainly living up to its tradmark color.

Here's a revenue breakdown along crude divisional lines. The GPU segment accounts for all of the graphics processors: GeForce, Quadro, Tesla, and Grid. Tegra covers the SoC and related products, while the other category "includes licensing revenue from [Nvidia's] patent cross-license agreement with Intel." The quarterly totals come first, followed by the yearly ones.

  Q4'15 Q4'14 Change
GPU $1.07 billion $947 million up 13%
Tegra $112 million $131 million down 15%
Other $66 million $66 million --
  FY'15 FY'14 Change
GPU $3.84 billion $3.47 billion up 11%
Tegra $579 million $398 million up 45%
Other $264 million $264 million --

GPUs continue to make up the vast majority of Nvidia's business. Revenue for that overarching category rose by double digits both yearly and quarterly. Although we don't have more granular data for that division, Nvidia said Q4 revenue from desktop and notebook GPUs went up 38% versus the same period last year. High-end Maxwell cards probably deserves a lot of the credit for that increase.

The Tegra numbers are more mixed. Although yearly revenue increased 45%, the total for Q4 fell 15%. Nvidia blames the drop on the "product life cycle of several smartphone and tablet designs." Revenue from "auto infotainment systems" doubled, according to the CFO commentary (PDF), but there are no specifics on sales of Shield devices.

Looking forward, Nvidia expects Q1 revenue of $1.16 billion with gross margin in the 56.2-56.5% range.

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