The TR Podcast 170 video: What the kids put in their PCIe slots these days

We recorded the latest TR Podcast live on Twitch last night, and the video is now up on YouTube. You can watch us answer questions from the audience and also discuss smart TVs, Spiderman, Dell's Venue 8 7000 tablet, and Intel's new Broadwell-powered NUC, among other topics.

As always, we'll be posting an audio version of the podcast—just as soon as Jordan finishes working his editing magic to make us all sound much smarter and better-spoken than we were. Godspeed, Jordan!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night. You can make sure you don't miss the next stream by following us on Twitch or following Scott on Twitter. While you're at it, you might as well subscribe to our YouTube channel, too, so you'll be notified when we post new videos there.

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