Reports: Skylake now on track for late August

Skylake is coming soon—but perhaps not as soon as we thought. According to the latest leaked literature posted by VR-Zone Chinese, the desktop version of Skylake is now scheduled for an August 15 launch.

The new date matches that of the next Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, and it's a change from the timing suggested by last month's leaks. Those leaks pegged Skylake for a release at the end of the second quarter, meaning late June.

Other sites are reporting on the schedule change, too. DigiTimes says it got word from its sources in the motherboard industry that Skylake is now on track for late August. As for the reason for the delay, DigiTimes' sources suspect Intel "may aim to avoid overlapping sales with previous platforms." Can't say that doesn't make sense.

The latest document posted by VR-Zone mentions "4+2" Skylake-S processors with 95W, 65W, and 35W power envelopes as well as "2+2" variants with 65W and 35W TDPs. I'm not sure exactly what "4+2" and "2+2" refer to, but the 95W parts will apparently belong to the K series, indicating unlocked upper multipliers.

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