Chromecast support is coming to VLC media player

Beaming videos from VLC media player to your TV may soon be easier than ever. As PocketLint reports, the latest VLC changelog suggests Chromecast support is coming to version 3.0 of the software. The log states pretty plainly:

Stream Output:
 * Chromecast output module
 * RGB24 and YCbCr 4:2:0 RTP packetization

(Emphasis mine.)

There's no word yet on when the final version of VLC 3.0 is due out, but according to the official roadmap, the release is 81% done—and eight weeks late. For now, folks willing to live on the bleeding edge can download the latest nightly releases here.

I've been using VLC Streamer to play video on my Apple TV, but that solution involves transcoding and isn't terribly convenient. If VLC itself gains Chromecast support, then I might finally ditch the Apple box altogether. It would be an overdue move, too, considering how little Apple has done with the thing over the past couple of years.

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