Microsoft will let you trade in your old Surface for a new one

A new Microsoft promotion aims to get folks with old Surface tablets to upgrade. Available until March 8 (and exclusively in the U.S.), the trade-in offer involves discounts of up to $650 on the Surface Pro 3.

Users can trade in any Surface tablet, including the ARM-based Surface RT and Surface 2. Microsoft will even let you trade in a Surface Pro 3, which may be worthwhile if you're itching for more storage capacity and a faster processor—or if your device is damaged and outside the warranty period.

The trade-in value of each device depends on several factors: the exact model, whether the tablet is in working condition, and whether any accessories are being traded along with it. SuperSite for Windows has a handy breakdown of how much each Surface model is worth, provided it's in full working order. A Surface RT will get you just $84-94, but a fully loaded Surface Pro 2 is worth $361, about half the price of the most affordable Surface Pro 3.

Discounts like these are always nice. Given the timing of this one, though, I'm not sure I'd partake. The Surface Pro 3 came out 11 months ago and is still based on Haswell silicon. Now that Intel's Core M and Broadwell-U processors are out, I'd expect Microsoft to announce a Surface Pro 4 before too long.

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