Lenovo CTO laments 'mistake,' promises Superfish removal utility

Following the furore over the Superfish snafu, Lenovo is now in full damage-control mode.

Speaking to the folks at PC World, Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius used the words "significant mistake" to describe the firm's decision to ship malware vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks on its computers. Hortensius then revealed that a removal tool would be made available by the end of this week.

"Going forward," said Hortensius, "we feel quite strongly that we made a significant mistake here, or we missed something here." When PC World asked whether Lenovo would consider shipping adware on its PCs again, Hortensius replied, "I think you do this thing right, people like information and awareness . . . You do them wrong, it’s obviously a disaster."

Yeah, I don't think there's a "right" way to ship adware on PCs. Nice try, Hortensius.

Until the removal utility is released, users who want to clean up their Lenovo PCs can do so by following the instructions in this PDF file.

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