Samsung investigating 840 EVO slowdowns, prepping another fix

Last month, we reported that some Samsung 840 EVO SSDs are still experiencing slow read speeds with old data. The issue was supposedly fixed with a firmware update issued in October, but some patched drives continue to exhibit the problem, including one of our own. Late Friday afternoon, Samsung issued the following statement on the matter:

In October, Samsung released a tool to address a slowdown in 840 EVO Sequential Read speeds reported by a small number of users after not using their drive for an extended period of time. This tool effectively and immediately returned the drive’s performance to normal levels. We understand that some users are experiencing the slowdown again. While we continue to look into the issue, Samsung will release an updated version of the Samsung SSD Magician software in March that will include a performance restoration tool.

The drive we tested last month exhibits particularly extreme symptoms, and it's been sent to Samsung for further testing. We'll keep following this story as it develops.

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