Report: OS X, iOS, Linux were the most vulnerable OSes in 2014

The Lenovo-Superfish fiasco might have some contemplating an OS switch, but the grass isn't greener on the other side—at least not according to GFI. The security firm has published a report ranking last year's most vulnerable OSes and applications, and guess what? OS X, iOS, and Linux made the top of the list. Take a look:

Windows 7 is a distant fifth, with four times fewer total vulnerabilities than OS X. Windows 8.1 is neck and neck with Windows 7 in terms of total vulnerabilities, but it suffered from fewer "high" vulnerabilities, knocking it down to eighth place. Not bad.

Why did Linux do so badly? GFI explains:

2014 was a tough year for Linux users from a security point of view, coupled with the fact that some of the most important security issues of the year were reported for applications that usually run on Linux systems. Heartbleed, for example, is a critical security vulnerability detected in OpenSSL while Shellshock is a vulnerability that affects GNU Bash.

Windows users shouldn't gloat too much, though. GFI's rankings also list last year's most vulnerable applications, and Internet Explorer is number one there. (Thanks to Neowin for the link.)

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