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This week's poll is brought to you by Slashdot, who have been flooding web sites since 1997. However, before we bring in the new, let's rehash the old. Taking a look at last week's results, it's clear that a lot of you probably heat your homes with extra PCs. 32% of voters use two computers at home, followed closely by 29% of voters using three. Only 14% of you use a single machine at home, with 12% using five or more machines, and 10% settling for four. Apparently, a few of you don't use a computer at home at all. Just don't let your boss know you're surfing TR from work.

Pay attention, multiple machine users. We have a feature coming your way in the very near future that should interest you. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself with this week's poll, which asks:

What handheld feature is most important to you?
This is only fitting upon seeing the deluge of handheld advertisements pushing the devices for school-bound students. What are you waiting for? Go vote!
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