Phanteks announces enthusiast-friendly Enthoo Evolv ITX case

While we haven't yet had an opportunity to review a Phanteks case here at TR, the company has been making waves among enthusiasts with its Enthoo line of cases. Today, the company has added an ITX-only version of its Enthoo Evolv mini-tower to the lineup, the Enthoo Evolv ITX.

The Evolv ITX looks like it has just the sort of features I like to see in enthusiast-oriented ITX enclosures. The case appears to include a modular 2.5" drive sled, a modular 3.5" sled, and two 3.5" modular bays. The top radiator mount looks like it slides out for easy radiator installation, and Phanteks caters to the custom liquid-cooling enthusiast with a dampened pump bracket that can be installed atop the hard drive bays.

Most interestingly, the Evolv ITX doesn't skimp on room for air cooling. Though the only included fan is a single 200-mm unit at the front of the case, the Evolv ITX is shallow enough that the single big fan should be enough cooling for most builds. There's also room for two more 120- or 140-mm fans up top and one more 120- or 140-mm fan in the rear. Unlike most ITX cases I've tested, the Evolv ITX can accept tower-style coolers up to 200 mm in height, which means overclockers shouldn't have to resort to liquid cooling by default.

Even so, there's plenty of room for liquid coolers in the Evolv ITX. Phanteks claims the case can accept radiators up to 240 mm in length in the front of the case, up to 280 mm in length up top, or up to 140 mm in length at the rear.

The Evolv ITX includes the usual complement of rubber cable grommets and Phanteks' trademark hook-and-loop cable straps for clean cable management. The Evolv ITX also has its complement of USB ports and audio jacks located at the front of the case rather than the right side (as with its bigger brother, the Enthoo Evolv).

At 9" (230 mm) wide by 14.8" (375 mm) tall by 15.5" (395 mm) deep, the Evolv ITX is reasonably compact, too. Overall, the Evolv ITX appears to be one of the more enthusiast-friendly ITX cases on the market, and I'd definitely like to get my hands on one.

Phanteks says that the Evolv ITX should be available starting this month for $79.99.

Hat tip to Hexus for the Phanteks press release.

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