Video shows Microsoft's Project Spartan browser, Cortana in action

Microsoft confirmed the existence of Project Spartan, its Internet Explorer replacement, back in January. At the time, the company touted the integration of its Cortana digital assistant with the new browser. Now, thanks to a leaked release in the hands of the folks at WinBeta, we know a little more about how Spartan will work with Cortana. Have a look:

It appears that Cortana will automatically notify the user whenever she can provide contextually useful information (in this case, the details for a restaurant), at which point one can click the Cortana symbol in the address bar to pull up a sidebar with the relevant info. WinBeta says one can also invoke Cortana when needed for small tasks like looking up info on a neighborhood or defining a word. Handy.

While WinBeta warns that this build of Spartan isn't yet available to the public and is likely subject to change, I'm impressed by the browser's clean interface and fluid animations. Cortana also looks quite useful. Maybe Spartan will be good enough to tempt me away from Chrome and Firefox for a while when it's released with Windows 10 later this year.

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