BitTorrent Sync exits beta, offers free private cloud storage

Cloud-based storage makes it easy to share files between multiple users and devices, but what if you don't trust third-party servers with your data? One option is Sync, a private cloud system from the people behind the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol. In development for over two years, Sync can share files across a wide range of PC, mobile, and NAS platforms. The latest iteration, version 2.0, finally delivers what BitTorrent Sync VP Erik Pounds describes as a "final product" devoid of beta branding.

There's a fancy promo video and everything:

Sync, er, syncs files with direct, device-to-device transfers wrapped in a comforting layer of encryption. Folders can be shared not only between devices, but also between users, making Sync an intriguing option for both individuals and groups. There's also a Pro tier that's licensed specifically for business use.

The free version of Sync 2.0 is limited 10 folders, but there are no caps on folder size or transfer speeds. For $39.99 per year, the Pro tier offers unlimited folders, better permission control, and additional support, among other perks.

If you want to puff your own cloud, Sync 2.0 is available for pretty much every operating system: Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Linux, and Free BSD. Compatible apps are either already available or coming soon from all the big NAS vendors, as well.

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