Intel Brookdale-D in November?

Intel is denying rumors of an earlier-than-expected release for Brookdale-D, but DigiTimes is reporting that some OEM's are insisting otherwise.
Intel’s strategy seems to be more and more confusing and unpredictable of late. Although Bloomberg reported that Intel’s spokesperson George Alfs on August 21 had denied that the company had brought forward the shipment date of its DDR SDRAM-supporting 845 chipsets (Brookdale-D) to November, Taiwan’s DRAM and motherboard manufacturers are saying the “rumor” is true.
Intel may be feeling the need to accelerate their plans now that DDR chipsets from VIA, SiS, and ALi have been announced. Time will tell.

Update: EBN is reporting that Intel is sticking to a Q1 2002 launch for Brookdale-D. This should clear up any confusion.

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