Intel partners with Raptr to optimize game settings for Iris graphics

GDC — As a sort of response to Nvidia's GeForce Experience software, AMD not long ago started bundling an application called Raptr with its Catalyst graphics drivers. Now, the folks at Ratpr haved added another big partner to their stable: Intel, whose graphics solutions ship in hundreds of millions PCs every year.

Ratpr, the product of a start-up firm headed by gaming celebrity Dennis "Thresh" Fong, recommends optimized settings for PC games by crowd-sourcing data from its user base. For the Intel collaboration, Raptr will use Intel's own internally generated recommendations as a starting point and build from there. Fong shared a tragic figure with us: Raptr's data shows that 85% of PC gamers play at the games' default quality settings. Intel and Raptr hope to improve the PC gaming experience by helping to rectify that problem.

Raptr also notifies users about the availability of graphics driver updates, and its allows users to record video from their gaming sessions. It also supports video streaming to Twitch. Thanks to this new partnership, Raptr is adding support for the QuickSync video transcoding hardware built into Intel processors, so that the CPU overhead of video recording and streaming should be minimal.

Unlike AMD, Intel will not bundle Raptr with its downloadable graphics drivers. Instead, Intel will offer Raptr downloads from its website, while Raptr will work with PC makers, attempting to persuade them to pre-install the software on their systems.

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