Intel announces Achievement Unlocked dev relations program

Intel wants to make life easier for game developers targeting its integrated graphics. To that end, the company has announced a new developer relations initiative called Achievement Unlocked at GDC 2015. I'll let Intel speak for itself here:

[Achievement Unlocked is] a coordinated worldwide effort to help game developers succeed when creating games that target Intel Graphics hardware, Intel Core processors, and Intel Atom processors. A new game developer portal supports bidirectional communication with game developers. Achievement Unlocked offers improved technical assistance to developers worldwide and additional success mentoring and go-to-market opportunities. This program coordinates and expands current Intel game industry support activities including involvement in standards organizations, support for academic game development programs, and conference and event sponsorships. Achievement Unlocked provides game developers a great business opportunity to target hundreds of millions of Intel powered Android and Windows devices worldwide.

Intel's IGPs are becoming increasingly capable, so it's no surprise that the company is taking new steps to reach out to developers. Given how many PCs feature Intel IGPs, and with the company's mobile platforms gaining traction in mobile devices like the Dell Venue 8 7000 and Asus' Memo Pad ME176C, developers should find Intel's willingness to cooperate welcome. Interested parties can find out more information about the Achievement Unlocked initiative at Intel's game developer portal.

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