Report: The Witcher 3 to be bundled with higher-end Maxwell cards

Nvidia appears to be gearing up to bundle The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with select Maxwell-based graphics cards. According to a convincing-looking advertisement posted by Videocardz, CD Projekt RED's open-world action RPG will be available with GeForce GTX 960, 970, and 980 graphics cards. Notebooks with GeForce GTX 970M and 980M GPUs will also be eligible for the deal.

The story doesn't indicate when the freebie is supposed to go into effect, but it's worth noting that Wild Hunt isn't due out until May 19. Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference is scheduled for March 17-20, and the firm may wait until then to announce the bundle. Or CEO Jen-Hsum Huang could hijack one of today's GDC sessions with a not-so-subtle surprise announcement—you never know.

As far as I can tell, most of the higher-end Maxwell cards selling online right now are entirely devoid of bundled games. Newegg and Amazon listings for the GTX 960, 970, and 980 make no mention of free titles. Things aren't much better in the AMD camp, either. I don't see any bundles for competing Radeon R9 285X, 290, or 290X cards. In fact, Amazon and Newegg are no longer listed as participating retailers on AMD's Never Settle bundle page.

If Nvidia offers The Witcher 3 with some GeForce cards, AMD will almost certainly counter with bonus content for select Radeons. The red team may be saving its next Never Settle iteration for the 300-series Radeons rumored to be released over the next few months.

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