Deal of the week: A G-Sync display, Shield Tablet, and more

We have a few unexpected items in this week's deals post, plus some of the usual suspects.

  • G-Sync monitors are still relatively rare, so it's somewhat surprising to see one on sale. Newegg is offering Acer's 28" XB280HK monitor for only $699.99 with promo code EMCAPAT22. The display has a 4K resolution, 1-ms response times, an adjustable stand, and an integrated USB 3.0 hub. Haters will decry the underlying TN technology, but that panel type is pretty much unavoidable in the variable-refresh arena right now.
  • Nvidia may be trying to clear stock of its Shield Tablet ahead of an impending refresh. The 32GB, LTE-equipped version of the 8" Tegra K1 slate is now part of a $399.99 bundle that includes a folding cover, wireless controller, and Android ports of Portal, Half-Life 2, and HL2: Episode One. This variant of the tablet normally sells for $400 on its own, but the freebies would run another $130 if purchased separately.
  • We like G.Skill's Ares 2 x 4GB DDR3-1600 kit enough to feature it in our latest System Guide, and now it's even cheaper. Newegg has shaved $10 off the combo, dropping it to just $55.99. These modules are rated for relatively tight 9-9-9-24 timings at 1.5V, and their standard-height heat spreaders shouldn't interfere with larger aftermarket coolers.
  • SSD deals abound, as usual, and the best one may be for Mushkin's Enhanced Reactor 1TB. This monster is only $349.99 at Newegg, making it the cheapest per-gig option around. The drive is powered by the same Silicon Motion controller as Crucial's BX100, which costs $30 more.
  • This week's graphics bargains come courtesy of HIS. The firm's Radeon R9 290 is down to $249.99 after a $10 mail-in rebate, and its 290X sibling is only $30 more. Both cards have custom coolers and mostly positive user reviews, though there are more one-star ratings than we prefer.

Those are the deals that caught my eye this morning. Don't forget to berate me in the comments if I missed anything good.

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