The handheld I've always wanted

The folks at Handspring are mighty sharp. They made just the right product to compete well against Palm's lineup when they first started out, and their upcoming product line looks like another breakthrough. This time, for the first time ever, I'm thinking seriously that I want a PDA. I've said all along that cell phone-PDA convergence is the Right Thing To Do. CNET is reporting that the next Handspring products will be cell phone-PDA combo units with wireless text messaging built in. It's like having Outlook, ICQ, and a cell phone all in one little unit. You'd never be without someting to read in the john again.

You must go to CNET now and look at the picture of the Treo k180 model to understand—this puppy has a little keyboard integrated into it like a RIM Blackberry device. So long as the Treo units are small enough to carry around all day without becoming annoying, I'll consider replacing my cell phone. If it's a big ol' belt tumor like the VisorPhone, though, I'll pass.

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