PCs will get HBO Now at launch

Turns out that Apple's HBO Now "exclusive" isn't so much. According to an HBO press release published by Engadget, PCs will also be able to tune in when the service launches in April. Here's the relevant snippet:

HBO continues to be in discussions with its existing network of distributors and new digital partners to offer HBO NOW. At launch, HBO NOW will be available on iOS devices and on PCs.

The press release says registered users will be able to watch content via HBO Now's website, which is presumably how PCs (and Macs running OS X) will access the service. However, it's unclear whether mobile devices will be able to tap into web feeds.

As far as I can tell, HBO Now will cost $14.99/month on the web, just like it will on iOS. The iOS app and the 30-day freebie for those who sign up in April appear to be the only real exclusives for the Apple crowd. CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter adds that competing set-top boxes from Comcast, Verizon, and others will be able to offer HBO Now three months after the initial launch. Android and Fire OS devices should be able to get in othe action then, as well.

HBO Now promises an all-you-can-eat buffet of over 2,000 titles, including Game of Thrones, True Detective, Silicon Valley, and Girls—for my wife, of course. Unlike HBO Go, the new service doesn't require an existing subscription, making it especially appealing to cable cutters.

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