Battlefield: Hardline runs at 720p on Xbone, 900p on PS4

We PC gamers don't really need any more reasons to feel superior to our console-owning brethren, but developer Visceral Games recently added another one to the pile. A couple days back, the company's official Twitter account stated that the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline will only run at 720p resolution on the Xbox One and at 900p on the PlayStation 4:

Visceral also clarified that the game will run at 60 FPS on the Xbox One, and it seems likely the PS4 will share that frame rate. Sacrificing resolution for FPS is a reasonable trade-off for a shooter like Hardline.

Battlefield: Hardline isn't the only recent triple-A release that current consoles render at sub-1080p resolutions. IGN's community has created a wiki page that's loaded with other examples, and the picture looks particularly bleak for the Xbox One. While the PS4 can manage 1080p at 30 or 60 FPS with many titles, the Xbone often tops out at 30 FPS with 1080p content. It also runs many more games at 720p or 900p than the PS4.

So yeah, console users, come to the PC side of The Force. We have $200 GeForce GTX 960s and Radeon R9 285s that can comfortably render most games at 1080p or above. We have G-sync (and soon, FreeSync) adaptive-refresh monitors whose buttery-smooth frame delivery is positively tantalizing. And we have an inflated a deserved sense of superiority. Check out TR's latest System Guide for an easy way to join our legions.

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