Mushkin's new ECO2 SSDs selling for as little as $0.33/GB

SSDs keep getting cheaper. The latest budget offering to hit the market is Mushkin's Enhanced ECO2, a Newegg exclusive that's already marked down to $84.99 for 240GB and $159.99 for 480GB. Those prices work out to $0.35 and $0.33 per gig, respectively, making the ECO2 one of the most affordable drives out there.

Source: Mushkin

The ECO2 is "designed, assembled, and tested in the USA," according to Mushkin, but it's otherwise unremarkable. A SandForce controller shuffles bits between the 6Gbps SATA interface and Micron MLC NAND. The flash chips weigh in at 16GB each, and they're rated for 3k write/erase cycles. Although Mushkin doesn't have a formal endurance rating for the drive as a whole, the ECO2 is covered by the usual three-year warranty.

Performance ratings are pretty much what you'd expect. The fastest version promises sequential speeds in the 550-530MB/s range, with random writes up to 87k IOps. Oddly, though, the 480GB model tops out at 485MB/s with sequential writes and 32k IOps with random ones. Maybe Mushkin mixed up the specs with those of the 120GB or 60GB versions, which are both rated for higher write speeds.

Mushkin says the ECO2's configuration is subject to change due to component availability, but it pledges to avoid bait and switch tactics. If changes are made, the affected drives will be marked with a new revision and, depending on the extent, possibly a different model designation.

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