WD's Re+ hard drive promises low-power mechanical storage up to 6TB

WD has introduced a new hard drive aimed at high-capacity datacenter applications. The Re+ scales up to 6TB, and the top model purportedly consumes just 6W. WD claims the drive draws less juice than any other high-capacity 3.5-incher on the market.

Source: WD

As one might expect, the spindle speed is relatively sedate. The drive's five-platter stack spins at only 5,760 RPM, capping sequential transfers at 175MB/s. If that's not fast enough, WD is also adding a 6TB version of its standard Re drive. That unit's 7,200-RPM rotational speed raises the ceiling on sequential transfers to 225MB/s, but it also pushes power consumption into the 9-10W range.

Like WD's other enterprise-oriented drives, the Re+ has RAID-specific error recovery, RAFF tech for vibration compensation, and a dual-stage actuator that helps keep the head on track. The drive is rated to withstand workloads of up to 550TB per year, and it's covered by a five-year warranty.

Although I don't see the Re+ selling online, WD says the drive should be available immediately in 5TB and 6TB flavors. The 6TB version of the standard Re will come later, with qualification scheduled for next quarter.

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