1. LinuxLookup covers Linux World Expo 2001: day 2
  2. Electic Tech reports that Sega and Microsoft are in talks
  3. EverythingUSB on Lexmark's TV/PC printer
    and Cypress's USB Hi-Speed hub chip
  4. RatedPC reviews OpusWare Hot CPU Tester

  1. techhard reviews Pentium 4 2GHz
    and AMD Duron 1GHz
  2. Dan's Data reviews Abit BW7 and Asus P4B i845 boards
  3. SocketA reviews Tyan Tiger MP
  4. Ambmb reviews Iwill KK266Plus
  5. AtlantaOC reviews EPoX EP-8KTA3
  6. New BIOS dated 8/24 for EPoX EP-8K7A/+ (thanks SocketA)
  7. The Tech Zone reviews Merilus FireCard network firewall PCI card
  8. Overclocker Cafe reviews Netgear RT314 cable/DSL router
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. Electic Tech has NVIDIA Titanium chips info
    and ELSA Detonator drivers v14.61 (for ELSA cards only)
  2. OnePC reviews Samsung SyncMaster 753DF 17" CRT
  3. Gaming in 3D reviews Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32S CD-RW drive
  4. Hardware Extreme reviews Lite-On LTR16101B CD-RW drive
  5. PCstats reviews Samsung SD-616 16X DVD-ROM drive
  6. TacoNuts updates case gallery
  7. Mikhailtech reviews Swiftech MCX-370 heatsink
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