Bizarro IPS hydra promises ''almost seamless'' dual-monitor experience

Philips' dual-headed IPS monitor somehow slipped under our radar when it was first announced. The Brilliance 19DP6QJNS is now selling at Newegg, though, and it's impossible to ignore. Just look at the thing:

Source: Philips

This wonderfully weird display combines dual 19" displays on a single stand. Thanks to slim bezels, the dividing gap is only 7 mm thick. Philips describes the setup as "almost seamless," which is sort of like saying the iPad Air is so thin that it almost disappears.

Each screen serves up a 1280x1024 resolution, giving the tandem more pixels than a single 1080p monitor. One screen accepts VGA and DisplayPort input, while the other combines VGA and MHL-compatible HDMI ports. Both have dual-port USB 2.0 hubs onboard.

The cheesy promo shot makes the monitor's business focus apparent, and the display's flicker-free backlight should appeal to that audience. The monitor also features SmartTxt, which "increases the contrast and boundary sharpness of text content for better readability."

After more than a decade with dual monitors connected to my desktop, I can attest to the benefits of having additional real estate on a separate display. The nearly-$500 asking price attached to this particular two-in-one combo seems a little steep, though.

Thanks to Maximum PC for the tip. (And Hail Hydra.)

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