In the lab: Antec's P380 full-tower case

It's been a while since an Antec case has passed through our hands here at TR. I have fond memories of building in the company's enclosures. Back when I had a thing for more in-your-face designs, I was quite proud of my Nine Hundred, but other companies' cases stole my heart for more recent builds.

Today, I'm happy to welcome an Antec case back to TR's labs. An enormous package just showed up on my doorstep, and inside was an equally enormous case. Say hello to the P380, Antec's latest full-tower enclosure:

In an age where microATX and Mini-ITX cases are becoming increasingly common, the P380 is a behemoth, at 21.85” tall by 8.80” wide by 21.92” deep. The P380 is a wholly modern spin on the full tower concept, though. Antec did away with the multiple 5.25" bays that are still common in other full tower cases. Instead, the front panel of the P380 is an unbroken sweep of thick aluminum, and the only concession to optical media is an included tray for a slim optical drive.

Inside, Antec has put the space saved this way to good use. There are eight combo drive trays for 2.5" and 3.5" storage, a motherboard tray ready for enormous SSI CEB and E-ATX mobos, and nine expansion slots for quad-SLI builds. Radiator mounts at the front and top of the case can handle heat exchangers up to 360 mm in length, too. Everything about this case seems to invite dreams of the biggest, hottest system possible.

I'll soon be installing my version of TR's Casewarmer system inside the P380 to see if it lives up to the legacy of the P180 and P280 before it. Keep an eye out for my comprehensive review to come.

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