Windows 10 will be able to authenticate your eyeballs

Windows 10 users will be able to unlock their systems with a range of different biometric inputs. Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming OS will have built-in support for "enterprise-grade security" via fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition. Dubbed Hello, this authentication scheme will also feed into a "programming system" called Passport, which will let verified users access personalized application and online content without a separate password.

Here's the requisite promo video:

Devices will need specialized hardware to gather biometric data, and it looks like conventional webcams won't be enough for facial or iris recognition. Hello uses infrared tech to ensure consistent recognition across different lighting conditions. IR data lets Hello look past cosmetics and facial hair, according to Microsoft, and it's likely behind the system's claimed immunity to spoofing with photographs and "selfies."

Authentication happens locally, so IR mugshots are never sent to remote servers. Microsoft promises the user's "biometric signature" will only be stored on the device.

All systems that feature the "F200" incarnation of Intel's RealSense 3D camera will support facial and iris recognition, but Microsoft's blog post doesn't provide a sense of how many designs that covers. Redmond says it's "working closely with [its] hardware partners" to ensure next-gen devices support Win10's biometric mojo. Some of those partners may end up using Synaptics' latest fingerprint readers.

Thanks to Petr Novák, Wikipedia for the feature image.

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