Intel climbs McKinley

— 12:33 PM on August 29, 2001

CNet has some news on McKinley, Intel's successor to its Itanium processor. Many had been waiting for McKinley because of the performance boost it was to give the IA-64 platform, and it looks like the waiting will not be in vain.

The next version of Itanium, code-named McKinley, will be "able to realize a 1.5x to 2x performance gain very readily" over the current generation when it comes out in test systems later this year, according to Abhi Talwalker, vice president of the server products division at Intel. The boost comes from a much faster bus, additional microstructures and a more efficient 3MB memory cache located on the processor, he said.
The story also has news on McKinley's successor, Madison, and on Deerfield, which will bring IA-64 to the dense server market. With Compaq's Alpha team hard at work, IA-64 compilers finally taking advantage of the EPIC architecture, and aggressive release dates that put commercial McKinley systems on the market next year, Intel is set to make a huge dent in the Big Iron world.
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