Fanless ultrabox boasts Broadwell guts, industrial design

For days, the press release announcing Logic Supply's ML100 has sat in my inbox, taunting me to write about it. The funky-looking mini PC packs Bay Trail or Broadwell hardware into a passively cooled chassis that operates in blissful silence. That's a good pitch, but the ML100 is also an industrial system designed to survive "dust, harsh environments, shock and vibration." It's a little bit... different.

Source: Logic Supply

The finned chassis looks awesome, I think, and the serial port adds a dose of hipster irony outside of industrial applications. The ML100 wouldn't look out of place in a tech-chic living room, loft, or office. As an added bonus, the ventless enclosure is impervious to dust.

Inside, there's a motherboard based on Intel's NUC form factor. ML100G-30 configurations will be available with Core i3-5010U and i5-5300U processors, both of which have dual cores, quad threads, and 15W thermal envelopes. Those configs can take up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of M.2 storage. Sorry, no 2.5" drives allowed.

The ML100G-10 downgrades to a quad-core Celeron N2930 processor. This 7.5W chip is restricted to 8GB of RAM, but it can be paired with mSATA drives up to 1TB.

All the ML100 flavors have 802.11ac Wi-Fi and at least one GigE port. The Celeron is paired with dual HDMI ports and a second GigE option, while the Broadwell doubles up on Mini DisplayPort and adds extra USB 3.0 connectivity.

Pricing will start at around $500, which presumably refers to an entry-level Celeron setup. Premium pricing is common for industrial-grade systems like the ML100. I just wish more consumer-oriented mini PCs pursued similarly passive cooling.

Update: Logic Supply has posted a full spec sheet (PDF) with additional information, including dimensions, memory speeds, and other details.

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