Gesture tweaks are coming to Windows 10

Microsoft is tweaking how touch-based gestures work in Windows 10. According to a WinHEC presentation available online, the new OS will add a handful of touchpad gestures and change some of the edge-based touchscreen swipes already incorporated into Windows 8. Here are the touchpad gestures:

Source: Microsoft

Three-finger taps will launch Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant, while four-finger ones will fire up the Action Center. Swiping with three fingers is reserved for multitasking. Horizontal swipes will switch between active apps, much like alt+tabbing. Vertical swipes will clear the desktop or invoke Task View, a grid-based depiction of current applications.

Edge-based touchscreen gestures have also been adjusted. Swiping from the left edge will bring up Task View, while swiping from the right will launch the Action Center. Charms begone! A new, tablet-oriented taskbar will be accessible by swiping up from the bottom edge. Swiping down from the top will display the title bar, and continuing that downward motion will close the app.

The WinHEC presentation also has some information on Continuum, which will help convertibles respond to whether users are running in tablet or notebook mode. Continuum includes a new tablet-optimized operating mode that can be invoked automatically based on an "appropriate hardware event," such as detaching a keyboard. Among other features, this new mode will feature a "lightweight" taskbar with a "global back button."

Check out the full presentation for more details on Continuum and Win10's gesture tweaks. Thanks to The Verge for the tip.

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