The Quadro M6000 is a Titan X for workstations

We know that Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan X is a monster of a graphics card, but as a consumer-oriented product, it lacks the driver support and ISV certification that workstation builders demand. Those goodies come with Nvidia's Quadro cards. Pictures of a new high-end Quadro leaked over the past few days (most notably, from international electronic music superstar deadmau5), and now, the GM200-based Quadro M6000 is official.

The M6000's spec sheet is nearly identical to the Titan X's, but the Quadro adds support for 3D stereo goggles and trades the Titan's HDMI port for an extra DisplayPort 1.2 output. The real special sauce is in the Quadro-specific graphics drivers, which are optimized for use with software like Solidworks and AutoCAD.

Nvidia is positioning the M6000 as part of a software and hardware stack for accelerating interactive physically-based rendering applications, which are used by designers to simulate photorealistic environments and objects. At the software level, Nvidia has a new version of the Iray rendering engine that promises improved performance. Eight "M6000-class chips" make up the company's Quadro Visual Computing Appliance, a network-attached box for Iray rendering.

Of course, none of this hardware is cheap. Nvidia doesn't provide pricing information for the M6000 in its blog post, but the last top-of-the-line Quadro, the K6000, sold forĀ over $4000 at Newegg.

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