Dr. Evil asks: GXP problems?

OK, so this is an issue that's been touched on at HEXUS.net, on the Storage Review's forums, and at The Inquirer; do IBM's 75GXP and/or 60GXP drives have abnormally high failure rates? I don't know the answer any more than anyone else, but I think that some input from our readers about their own GXP experiences will help shed some light on the issue.

Now, before we get started, I want to lay down some ground rules similar to the Via post a few weeks ago. I don't want this to turn into a flamefest, so any "75GXP's suck!" posts will get nuked. What I'm most interested in is first-hand or second-hand accounts of experiences with these drives. If you (or say a friend of yours) have experienced one or more failures with these drives, say so.

Just for giggles, be as specific as possible: How long had you been using the drive, which model/capacity was it, and how did it exhibit its death throes?

Likewise, if you've got one of these things in your system and it's working great, I'd like to hear that too; it's difficult to gauge things if we only hear about the bad ones. Once again, model/capacity and how long you've been using it would be helpful.

I'll start things off by saying that I hav...er... had two 30GB 75GXP's, though now I'm down to one. The one in my main machine has been humming along with no issues whatsoever for the six months or so that I've had it. On the other hand, I bought another one (same model/capacity, factory sealed) last month, and it bit the big one in a hurry.

It started with those "click of death" noises that strike fear into the hearts of anyone who knows the sound; a low-level format found some bad sectors that it supposedly fixed, but the problems continued. Within 24 hours, if the drive was plugged into either of two machines I had handy, it would cause the POST screen to spit a bunch of multicolored text goop right after "Detecting Primary Master..." Ugly.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it; I think Damage has a (second-hand) story as well, but I'll leave that to him. Anyone else's experiences (positive or negative) are greatly appreciated.

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