Promo provides glimpse of Magic Leap's augmented reality future

For years, a well-funded startup called Magic Leap has been working in secret on new augmented reality technology. The company was founded by former biomedical engineer Rony Abovitz, and according to the New York Times, its proprietary tech beams "3D light sculptures" onto your eyeballs. Pretty neat.

Although Magic Leap has shared few details about its plans, the company has posted an impressive-looking promo video showing off the potential of its tech. You'll want to watch this.

Am I the only one who wished the Kool-Aid Man busted through the wall instead?  Oh yeah.

Magic Leap's accompanying description says the video shows "a game we're playing around the office right now." It's unclear whether the footage represents the actual user experience that's possible with current technology, though. Some of the elements are likely simulated—and aspirational.

Even if the video doesn't show the current state of things, bringing virtual 3D elements into the real world is certainly possible. Microsoft has already demoed a HoloLens headset that projects virtual holograms onto the user's view of their surroundings. HoloLens doesn't beam images onto your retinas, but the hardware is supposed to be available to consumers this year.

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