4GB GTX 960s trickle into retail channels

About a week ago, a number of graphics card manufacturers announced 4GB versions of the GeForce GTX 960. Now, those 4GB cards are beginning to show up online, and an important piece of the value puzzle—the price—is also in place.

Newegg has two 4GB GTX 960s available as of this morning: EVGA's "SuperSC" flavor of GTX 960, and Gigabyte's WF2OC-4GD. The SuperSC is the middle child of the 4GB 960s in EVGA's lineup, with a base clock of 1279 MHz and a boost clock of 1342 MHz.

Gigabyte's WF2OC-4GD GTX 960 is the less extreme of the pair of 4GB 960s we previewed last week, with a twin-fan cooler, a 1216 MHz core clock, and a 1279MHz boost clock.

The biggest question left unanswered during last week's flurry of press releases was the price we can expect to pay for that extra RAM, and we now have an answer. Both of these 4GB GTX 960s are selling for about $240 right now. While two cards isn't the largest sample size, that $240 price does establish a rough ballpark in which we can expect these cards to play, and it's kind of a hostile one.

For as little as $20 more, one can get a Radeon R9 290 like this HIS version. As we noted last week, the R9 290 isn't nearly as power-efficient as the GTX 960, but it's considerably faster. Buyers shopping in this price range don't have an enviable decision to make.

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