1. Electic Tech reports that ATI will support next-generation 3GIO architecture
    and TAEC introduces EDRAM
  2. EverythingUSB reports that Intel replaces HomeRF with 802.11b
    and new ThumbDrives tighten up security
  3. The Inquirer reports that Dell version of XP in wild? (thanks rand)
  4. PC911 on securing Windows
  5. 3DSpotlight updates its OS Updates page
  6. ZZZ online has a news section
  7. BBC News on Mount Etna's rising anger (thanks rand)

  1. JC's has K8/Hammer south bridge info (thanks rand)
  2. SiS735 will run 333MHz FSB Athlons (thanks rand)
  3. Intel desktop chips inside notebooks? (thanks rand)
  4. GamePC reviews Pentium 4 2GHz
  5. VTR-Hardware reviews Duron 1GHz (in French)
  6. Rojak Pot on rumors that the NVIDIA nForce is being delayed
  7. VR-Zone previews VIA P4X266 chipset
  8. Hard Tecs 4U reviews Abit KT7E
  9. SocketA reviews Asus A7V133
Multimedia and cooling

  1. OnePC reviews Samsung SyncMaster 180T 18.1" TFT LCD display
  2. Overclockers Melbourne reviews Philips 107P10 Professional 17" flatscreen CRT monitor
  3. 3DSpotlight reviews Hercules Game Theater XP
  4. Hexus reviews Creative Labs SBLive! Platinum 5.1
  5. TweakMax reviews RD3 Gladiator rounded cables
  6. TacoNuts reviews Battle Lamp Clamp
  7. Overclockedcafe reviews Fortis A102 CPU cooler
  8. Neoseeker reviews Antec JetCool Socket 370 cooler
  9. XtremeMods reviews Thermaltake Blue Orb
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