1'' USB drive combines Type-A and Type-C jacks

Reversible Type-C USB ports have popped up in Apple's latest MacBook, Nokia's N1 tablet, and a handful of desktop motherboards. But what are you going to plug into them? One of Emtec's new Type-C thumb drives, perhaps:

Despite being only an inch long, the DUO USB-C packs Type-A and Type-C connectors into a single drive. A little slider moves back and forth to switch between the jacks. It may provide a measure of protection for the slimmer Type-C connector, as well.

Only so much flash can be squeezed into such a small chassis, limiting capacities to 16GB and 32GB. Performance tops out at 110MB/s for reads and a measly 20MB/s for writes, so it really doesn't matter that the interface conforms to USB 3.0 rather than the faster 3.1 spec. This thing writes slower than USB 2.0.

The product shots hint at the drive's pre-production status, but we won't have to wait too long for the real deal. Emtec says availability is scheduled for the second quarter. Pricing hasn't been finalized.

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