Report: Intel could release a pair of socketed Broadwell CPUs

Intel shared some info with us about the upcoming desktop version of Broadwell back at GDC, and if a new article by Chinese VR-Zone is correct, we'll be seeing not one, but two models of Intel's fifth-generation Core CPUs for LGA 1150.

According to Chinese VR-Zone, these desktop Broadwell parts will launch as the Core i5-5675C and Core i7-5775C. Here are the relevant specs:

Model Base
Graphics Memory TDP
Core i7-5775C 3.3GHz 3.7GHz 4 (8) 6MB Iris Pro 6200 DDR3L 1600 65W
Core i5-5675C 3.1GHz 3.6GHz 4 (4) 4MB Iris Pro 6200 DDR3L 1600 65W

The report claims both of these chips will be unlocked for easy overclocking, just as Intel said at GDC. As one would expect from the 65W TDP, these CPUs have lower stock clock speeds than Haswell K-series processors, but that deficiency might be possible to overcome with some judicious tweaking. The Chinese VR-Zone story says desktop Broadwell is still slated for the second quarter of this year, with Skylake parts to debut in the third quarter.

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