Logitech introduces MX Master mouse for office domination

TR readers may best know Logitech for its gaming mice, but the company makes input devices for virtually every type of computer user. Today, Logitech revealed its latest high-end mouse for business and office users, the MX Master.

This fancy rodent's most unique feature may be its twin scroll wheels. In addition to the regular scroll wheel, the Master adds a roller under the thumb that's mapped to horizontal scrolling out of the box. Logitech's drivers can map this roller to a number of other functions, too, like zoom and volume control.

The regular scroll wheel has its own tricks. The MX Master can automatically switch between Logitech's trademark free-scrolling mode and a clicky, detented mode, based on the type of scrolling input that the mouse detects.

For road warriors who often move between different computers, the MX Master can store pairings for up to three Bluetooth Smart devices or Logitech Unifying USB dongles. A button on the mouse's base should make for easy switching between these pairings.

The MX Master relies on a laser sensor that tracks even on glass or other transparent surfaces. The sensor is set at 1000 DPI out of the box, but Logitech's drivers should allow settings anywhere from 400 to 1600 DPI (albeit in 200-DPI increments).

As Logitech's halo mouse, the MX Master rings in at $100. That's a lot to ask, but those fancy scroll wheels and a hand-carved design don't come cheap. Logitech says that the MX Master will be available in April, though the company's online store appears to have the mouse in stock already.

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