Leap Motion's hand tracking comes to Razer's VR headset

Razer's Open Source VR (OSVR) headset is getting handsy. Leap Motion has announced a faceplate that adds its hand-tracking technology to the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit, a modular platform for VR hardware and software developers.

Although Leap Motion's hand-tracking tech debuted in a desktop peripheral, it seems like a natural fit for VR. Leap Motion has offered an add-on mount for the Oculus Rift for some time, but that implementation doesn't look as elegant as the snap-on module pictured above. Given that Oculus has acquired a hand-tracking company of its own, there's clearly some jockeying for position going on in this space.

Leap Motion's hand-tracking tech might seem more natural than the controller-based tracking used by HTC's Re Vive, but Leap CEO Michael Buckwald sees room for both approaches. In an interview with The Verge, Buckwald describes a hypothetical game where players might use a controller for a traditional weapon in one hand, while using their empty hand as a melee weapon.

As with so much in the world of virtual reality right now, the OSVR and its hand-tracking accessory are targeted primarily at developers. According to the press release, pre-orders for the OSVR and Leap Motion add-on will begin in May, with shipments starting in June. The OSVR dev kit starts at $199, but it's unclear how much the the hand-tracking faceplate will cost.

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