SEC filing says Samsung is fabbing chips for Nvidia

Last month, Meritz Securities analyst Park Yu-ak claimed that Samsung would be manufacturing chips for Nvidia. He didn't provide any evidence to support that claim, but some has now surfaced in an official filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The annual report for Nvidia's 2014 fiscal year contains the following statement about chip manufacturing:

We do not manufacture the silicon wafers used for our GPUs and Tegra processors and do not own or operate a wafer fabrication facility. Instead, we are dependent on industry-leading foundries, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., to manufacture our semiconductor wafers using their fabrication equipment and techniques.

The statement seems definitive, though it doesn't detail which Nvidia chips come from Samsung's fabs or what process is used to manufacture them. Previous reports suggested Samsung would produce application processors, like Nvidia's Tegra SoC, using its 14-nm process. Those stories also claimed that AMD, Apple, and Qualcomm would have chips fabbed on the same node.

The Tegra X1 SoC revealed at CES is built on a 20-nm process, and we haven't heard anything about that chip receiving the 14-nm treatment. The finer process could be used for a Denver-based variant of the X1 or something else entirely. Thanks to TR regular SH SOTN for the tip.

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