Cougar's 300M gaming mouse looks awfully familiar

Remember the Cooler Master Mizar mouse we reviewed last year? You know, the one that added modern amenities to a sculpted body reminiscent of Microsoft's IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. Well, it's about to have company. Cougar's upcoming M300 gaming mouse looks like another clone of the time-honored classic.

Source: Cougar

Now, there's nothing wrong with aping the IntelliMouse's shape. The old design's arched back and wide hips are a good fit for palm grips and large hands. The colors look a little garish, though. I hope there's a blacked-out version.

The M300 tracks motion at up to 4000 DPI using an ADNS-3090 optical sensor. The sensitivity is adjustable, but it's unclear whether that's handled by dedicated buttons or tied to the three configuration profiles. Those profiles are stored in the mouse's memory, and they control the mapping for seven programmable buttons. Two buttons, the left and right clickers, are backed by Omron switches.

Oh, and the colored LED lighting can display 16.8 million different shades. Because that's standard equipment for "gaming" peripherals now.

Expect to see the M300 on sale in late April for only $40—$20 less than the Mizar's going rate.

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