1. InfoWorld and tecChannel have more on AMD's Model Number scheme
  2. EverythingUSB reports that Intel and Adaptec will boost USB 2.0 & FireWire
  3. Electic Tech on ATI and Intel's announcement to support IEEE 1394 as the
    multimedia connection standard
  4. Electic Tech reports that Microsoft to launch 2 handheld operating systems
    and Hitachi to cut 14,700 jobs
  5. EuroGamer covers ECTS 2001
  6. LinuxLookup's Linux World Expo 2001 coverage: day 3
  7. C|Net reports that a new P4 chipset is on the way (thanks Jim White)
  8. Javageek-Online has a free giveaway

  1. Digit Life reviews Intel Pentium 4 2GHz
  2. Ambmb reviews Tyan Tiger MP
  3. Noticias3D reviews Biostar M7MIA v2.0 (in Spanish)
  4. 1007_01f BIOS for Asus A7V133
  5. Overclocker Cafe's Athlon MP 1.0GHz drawing

  1. SourceMagazine's 3D for all article
  2. Beachside Tech on pixelated perfection: the future of 3D
  3. HotHardware reviews Abit Siluro T400 64MB
  4. The Triple Helix reviews RumbleFX force feedback headphones
  5. Futurelooks reviews Xitel MD-PORT DG2
Cases and cooling

  1. OtakuPC reviews So-Trick "Howler" aluminum case
  2. Icrontic reviews Antec SX635 mini-tower case
  3. Hexus does total case mod
  4. GideonTech reviews Cyber Cooler P-5700 copper cooler
  5. 8Balls Hardware reviews PowerCooler PCH075 HSF
  6. Mikhailtech reviews Zalman CNPS 5000 heatsink
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