Sony buys, kills game-streaming service OnLive

Game-streaming service OnLive has had a bumpy history up until now, and that long, wild ride is now coming to a close. Ars Technica reports that Sony Computer Entertainment America is buying OnLive's intellectual property portfolio and shutting down the company's customer-facing services on April 30.

OnLive posted a statement about the shutdown on its support page:

It is with great sadness that we must bring the OnLive Desktop service to a close. Sony is acquiring important parts of OnLive, and their plans don't include a continuation of the Desktop service. Your service should continue uninterrupted until April 30, 2015. No further subscription fees will be charged, and you can continue to use the service until that date.

After April 30, 2015, our data centers will shut down and the service will be offline. All accounts will be closed, and all files you may have stored in OnLive Files, and credit card data will be deleted. We recommend that you back up any stored data as soon as possible. No refunds will be available for any subscriptions.

After its flagship game-streaming service failed to take off, OnLive reorganized in 2012, and attempted to relaunch itself as a kind of companion to gamers' Steam libraries in 2014. Based on the vestiges of the company's website, it looks like OnLive was trying to broaden the appeal of its streaming services to more general applications on business and mobile platforms. Given Sony's acquisition, those efforts apparently didn't pan out.

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