Do I still need a sound card in my PC?

This viewer question on our last podcast seemed innocent enough: do I still need a sound card, or is motherboard audio now good enough? Geoff initially started to answer one way, but soon, our conversation took a turn in the opposite direction. Then the evidence came out—and the truth about what TR's editors do in their own PCs.

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Incidentally, I know some of you are strictly readers and have expressed a preference against us posting these videos. People are viewing and discussing them, though, so we'll likely keep it up. Realize that bringing you a discussion like this one takes very little time, and otherwise, we'd just have less stuff to post. If you are concerned about having to click through a headline only to find it's a video rather than text, I get it. Let me suggest reading the news page to minimize your clicks. That's why it's there!

Update: I believe this is our most recent sound card review. May be a useful reference.

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