Turns out Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge bends, too

Remember Bendgate? Apple's ultra-thin iPhone 6 reportedly bent in several owners' pockets, sparking a tempest that ultimately caused the company to open its stress-testing labs and processes to media scrutiny. Samsung even made hay of the scandal at its Galaxy S6 launch event, where Younghee Lee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division, said "this stuff will not bend" while describing the new phones.

Lee may have spoken a little too soon, though. SquareTrade recently put the Galaxy S6 Edge to the test, and it found that Samsung's latest flagship is just as bendy as Apple's. Here's SquareTrade's video of its test:

The Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus both bend under 110 pounds of force on SquareTrade's test rig, but the iPhone's screen remains intact afterward, while the Galaxy's cracks under that pressure. The iPhone 6 Plus completely shatters at 179 pounds, while the S6 Edge gives up the ghost at 149 pounds. The moral of the story remains the same: don't abuse these potentially delicate devices with strong point forces.

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