What do you trust more: mechanical or solid-state storage?

SSDs are slowly taking over the PC storage industry. They've become the default in slim mobile systems and are increasingly working their way into desktops. For some folks, they've replaced portable hard drives, too.

The shifting tide is largely driven by the fact that modern solid-state drives have vastly superior performance to their mechanical counterparts. Speed is only one part of the storage equation, though. Reliability is arguably more important for devices tasked with storing precious data. Which brings us to our new poll.

What do you trust more: mechanical or solid-state storage?

Although our endurance experiment showed that modern SSDs can withstand hundreds of terabytes of writes, NAND wear isn't the only thing that causes them to fail. Firmware flaws and other factors can also compromise one's data. Mechanical drives are perhaps more mature on that front, but their underlying technology is inherently more fragile—especially when faced with physical shock.

The poll is deliberately limited to two options, but feel free to clarify your choice in the comments below. Now, go vote, and let us know which form of storage you trust more.

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