LG Display may have leaked an upcoming 8K iMac

Apple's current Retina iMac may be getting a major spec boost or a bigger brother this year. In a now-removed post on its blog, LG's display division talked up the possibilities of 8K (7680x4320) displays—including the statement "Apple has also announced that they will release the 'iMac 8K' with a super-high resolution display later this year."

No such product currently exists, so LG may have leaked privileged information or simply made a factual goof in its post. There's certainly room for 8K displays in the marketplace, though. Canon's latest EOS 5Ds DSLR camera has a 50-megapixel sensor, producing images with 8688x5792 dimensions. The upcoming DisplayPort 1.4a spec will have support for 8K resolutions, as well. We'll have to wait and see whether Apple eventually provides some steak to go with this sizzle.

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